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MACMUN 2018 Archive


MACMUN's third annual conference took place over the course of 4 days, from February 1st to 4th, at the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen's. It featured 9 committees and included a social held at Twelveighty, as well as a club night at Absinthe.


This year marked a big expansion for the conference. It was also the first year in which the conference accepted outside delegations and students from other schools.


Most notably, however, 2018 was the first year in which MACMUN featured the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as a committee, tying in with this conference's overarching theme of "cultural reconciliation" and with great support from McMaster's Indigenous Student Services. MACMUN was the first university conference in Ontario to include this committee in their conference; since then, we have been thrilled to see other conferences include UNPFII, and it returns as a popular committee here every year. 

Featured Committees


This meeting of the SOCHUM featured 80 member states and debated three unique topics: Ethics of corporations, the right of life, and the right to free speech. 

UNHCT Square.png

The innovative United Nations High Commission on Science & Technology (UNHCT) turned their attention to the militarization of space, cyber warfare, and autonomous weapons.


This committee delved into the Indigenous water crisis, climate change, and systemic inequities faced by Indigenous individuals around the world.


In CND, delegates looked at the timely topics of captagon-related terrorism, the opioid crisis, and narcotic-related currencies.

Vietnam War.jpg

Delegates played significant historical figures and stepped back in time to 1965 Vietnam as Lyndon B. Johnson’s cabinet, facing a costly war, mounting public pressure, and a myriad of unfinished plans. 

HRC Square.png

In this double delegation, 40 member states of 80 delegates responded to religious discrimination, abuse by liberation forces, and LGTBQ+ rights.


In its third year at MACMUN, the Economic & Social Council discussed post-conflict recovery, immigrant integration, and ageism.


This committee discussed the issues around Indigenous health rights, child vaccinations, and infectious disease management.


This crisis committee discussed South Sudan’s ongoing civil war, the Myanmar genocide, and the Venezuelan crisis.

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