Yajur is currently in his fourth year of Integrated Sciences, concentrating in Biology. Having previously served as a chair, and USG Administration, Yajur currently acts as the Secretary General for MACMUN 2020 to coordinate and organize all aspects of the conference. His position includes overlooking the Secretariat and volunteer staff teams as he plans to introduce MACMUN to an academic atmosphere that fosters a community of advocacy, community and innovation. Recognizing the vitality of expectations on future communities, Yajur's goal is to provide an opportunity for students to examine new solutions to some of the most pressing global issues, all the while emphasizing innovative discourse. Outside of MACMUN, Yajur is a Mathematics Teaching Assistant in the School of Interdisciplinary Science. Pushing boundaries is a mentality that Yajur adopts when pursuing any new venture. He feels that we need to expand our array of thinking to consider all possible new ideas beyond the norm, because it is only through this line of thinking that innovation in any area can be started. Yajur hopes to inspire this in delegates at MACMUN 2020 and is looking forward to meeting everyone come January!

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William is currently in his fourth year of Arts & Science and is delighted be serving as this year’s Under-Secretary-General of Committees, where he manages the Chair team, oversees Background Guides and other committee materials, and also organizes in-houses. Since his first MUN conference in Grade 10, William has grown to love Model UN for exposing him to global issues and letting him improve his skills at public speaking and problem solving. In fact, to William, pushing boundaries entails exactly this: learning more about what’s going on in the world beyond our immediate vicinity, and challenging ourselves to go beyond and become more effective agents of change. Finally, this is William’s fourth time with MACMUN — he has previously participated as a delegate, Crisis Analyst, and Chair — and outside of MACMUN, William also serves as President of the Society of Arts & Science Students and passionately frequents Williams Fresh Cafe.

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Rhea is a third-year student studying Health Sciences here at McMaster. As USG Crisis/VP Internal Events, she is responsible for hiring, training, and organizing the crisis staff for each committee, overseeing our Joint Crisis and ADHOC committees, and ensuring continuity and cohesion with all crises being implemented during the conference. This will be her 7th year being involved in MUN; as the previous USG Finance for MACMUN 2019, she is excited to use her experiences to make MACMUN 2020 the most successful conference yet! Outside of her time dedicated to MUN, you will likely find Rhea reading, napping spontaneously, coxing on the rowing team, or looking for free campus bagels. She is a firm believer that pushing boundaries, in the context of MUN, is necessary in enabling individuals to examine the broader context of their actions, driving them to create tangible change within their communities.




Zia is currently in his 2nd year of the Arts & Science program and is excited to serve as the USG Operations for MACMUN 2020. In this role, Zia is responsible for the background logistics that go into executing the conference, such as venue bookings, scheduling, and organizing conference materials. Having served as a Crisis Analyst and Junior Executive during MACMUN 2019, Zia could not be more thrilled to return to MACMUN 2020 and continue to build on his MUN experience. When not working on MACMUN related activities, Zia can be found working on the MSU Municipal Affairs Committee, playing pickup soccer with the lads from his domicile, or hitting the books with his friends at HSL. To Zia, pushing boundaries, in the context of MUN, is to envision a world without grievous conflict, human rights violations, and extreme economic inequality, and, through innovative discourse and problem-solving, work towards breaking down the barriers preventing us from achieving such a world.




Anastasia is a second year student studying Health Sciences. Last year, she served as a Junior Executive assisting in the organization and promotion of MACMUN 2019, as well as a Committee Chair. This year, she is pleased to return to MACMUN as USG Internal Financial Affairs, as well as chairing for SOCHUM. Anastasia was a member of her high school’s Model UN team since grade 9 where she attended numerous conferences both nationally and internationally. In her graduating year, Anastasia had the privilege of leading her team as head delegate. To Anastasia, the overarching goal of Model UN is to resolve global issues in a cohesive manor that expresses the viewpoints of all nations involved. A successful delegate is one who embraces not only the values of his/her own country, but is willing to listen to the viewpoints of others and creatively find common ground.

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Alicia is currently in her second year of Life Sciences. In her role as USG Marketing, she handles promotional material and runs the social media accounts. Alicia has been a delegate for Model United Nations previously. She can normally be found around campus on her laptop posting on Facebook for MUN or Frontier College! To Alicia, pushing boundaries means not limiting yourself in order to reach your greatest potential. She is so excited for the conference and cannot wait for everyone to get to experience what an amazing time MUN can be.




Michelle is currently in her third year of Health Sciences, and she is also pursuing a minor in English and Cultural Studies. This is her second year serving as USG Communications, wherein she designs conference graphics and branded materials, coordinates communications with emails and newsletters, assists with staff communications, and manages this website. Michelle began MUN in high school, as it was the only academic club her school offered. This shortcoming turned out to be a life-changer, as Michelle has not looked back since, serving as a Junior Executive and Crisis Analyst for MACMUN 2018 in her first year at university. When Michelle isn’t working on MACMUN, she can be found running promotions for the Student Health Education Centre, doing layout work for her program’s satirical newspaper, and writing the next Great Canadian Novel. Michelle hopes that the pressing topics discussed at MACMUN 2020 will stay with the delegates for years to come, and that the resolutions they make will resonate far beyond the committee as the delegates are inspired to ignite change in the real world to address these topical issues. To Michelle, pushing boundaries means questioning the existing systems we have globally and highlghting the voices of marginalized communities within this conversation.




Miriam is currently in her third year of Justice, Political Philosophy and Law, with a minor in Political Science. For MACMUN 2020, she is filling the role of VP/USG Media Operations, which consists of managing the media team's responsibilities including MACMUN's twitter and youtube channel. In MACMUN 2018, Miriam acted as a delegate for North Korea, progressing to a Crisis Analyst for SOCHUM in MACMUN's 2019 conference. Doing calligraphy, playing football and reading are some of the activities that occupy her spare time. Passionate about debate, discussion and critical thinking, pushing boundaries is something she feels is necessary in approaching complex global issues and resolving them in pursuit of a common goal. Through critical conversation about controversial issues, she believes that people can come to conclusions that invoke empathy and understanding, ultimately contributing to global peace, justice and progression.




Emily is one of this year’s USG External Financial Partnerships, and she is in her third year of Integrated Business and Humanities. She helps secure sponsorships for the conference, working with a variety of organizations so that the conference can be as financially accessible for delegates as possible. She has been involved in MACMUN since her first year, and has found it to be a formative experience that has helped develop her confidence and broaden her horizons. She absolutely loves the passion and energy the conference holds, and she is so excited to meet everyone and “push boundaries” this year!




Amandeep is one of this year's USG External Financial Partnerships, working alongside Emily to make the conference as financially accessible and inclusive for delegates as possible. She is in her second year of Health Sciences at McMaster. What she loves most about Model UN is the chance to explore new ideas and perspectives about the world. She is looking forward to meeting fellow MUNers at in-house events and at MACMUN 2020!




Dia is currently in her second year of the Integrated Science program, concentrating in Physics. As VP External/USG Delegate Affairs, she is using her 5 years of Model UN experience to build an enthusiastic and committed McMaster delegation to attend conferences at other schools, and ensure that all delegates have the best time possible at MACMUN 2020. Outside of Model UN, Dia enjoys volunteering at the McMaster greenhouse, camping, and attending as many guest lectures as possible. To Dia, pushing boundaries means finding ways to see and act beyond the ways you have been taught to; only by pushing boundaries and reflecting on norms can we build a truly fulfilled society.

Junior Executives

Junior Executives are 1st or 2nd year students that support the Executive team in their endeavours, shadow one or more executive department(s), and assume a staff position during the MACMUN conference, whether that's as a committee chair, crisis analyst, or media team member. While constitutionally not a part of the Secretariat, they play a large role in the planning of the conference and also get an inside look at the process, gleaning valuable experience that can translate to future iterations of the conference or other opportunities in the future.



Ibrahim is currently in his first year of Integrated Business and Humanities. In his role as Junior Executive, Ibrahim will be managing as well as planning for the AD HOC committee as a Crisis Analyst. In high school, he participated in Model UN for the past two years as a delegate in the Economic and Social Council as well as in the International Criminal Court. When he is not in class, you can find Ibrahim participating in fencing, DECA, or working at Starbucks back home on the weekends. Ibrahim defines pushing boundaries as allowing for open and progressive discussion, when all perspectives as well as opinions can be debated upon without fear of repercussion - especially when today's society can often promote an echo chamber of conversation.



Mariyam is in her first year of Life Sciences. She is a Junior Executive working with Crisis and Committees, as well as chairing in the CCP Chinese Civil War Committee herself. This is her first time participating in MacMUN, but Mariyam has been involved in MUN for a few years with 6 conferences under her belt. Around campus, you’ll find her at Mills Memorial Library where she’ll be taking notes, listening to the Beatles and probably watching SNL. MUN is all about pushing boundaries. For Mariyam, it’s about going out of your comfort zone and watching your actions have a direct effect on the world around you. There are so many restraints in the real world, and MUN provides students with the opportunity to move out of those bounds and solve the world’s most pressing issues the way they truly see fit. Mariyam believes that delegates should leave MUN feeling like they can go into the world and enact real change.



Tushar is currently in his first year of Integrated Science. A newcomer to Model UN, he is one of three Junior Executives this year. His position involves working alongside others, specifically with the media and communications team, to plan the conference. Outside of MACMUN, Tushar is a part of the Integrated Science Society, Global Public Health Brigades, and recreational dance. As someone who is passionate about social reform, politics, and current events, Tushar enjoys engaging in political discussion. In an increasingly polarized world rife with humanitarian and political crises, he believes that meaningful discourse about global issues can help bring about greater awareness and change. To Tushar, pushing boundaries means stepping outside your comfort zone and voicing your opinions, regardless of what others may think. In the context of MACMUN, Tushar believes it means growing as a person and learning how to make a tangible impact in a dynamic world.

McMaster sits on the traditional territory shared between the Haudenosaunee confederacy and the Anishinabe nations, which was acknowledged in the Dish with One Spoon wampum belt. That wampum uses the symbolism of a dish to represent the territory, and one spoon to represent that the people are to share the resources of the land and only take what they need.


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