Rhea is currently a fourth-year student studying Health Sciences here at McMaster. Having previously served as a Junior Executive, USG Finance, & USG Crisis, Rhea currently acts as one of the Co-Secretary Generals for MACMUN 2021 to coordinate and organize all aspects of the conference. Her position involves overseeing the Secretariat and volunteer staff teams as she hopes to introduce MACMUN to an academic atmosphere that fosters a community of advocacy, community and innovation. Outside of her time dedicated to MUN, you will likely find Rhea attempting to meet her 2021 Goodreads Reading Challenge goal, napping spontaneously, or eating bagels. She is beyond excited to be taking on this role, despite the challenges this particular year presents. In recognizing the nuanced nature of the systemic issues brought to light by the COVID-19 pandemic, she believes that fostering resilience is essential to overcoming and positively adapting to adversity. Whether this be in the context of one's personal life or one's local/global community, she strongly believes that in order to endure hardship, we must rely on the resilience of many systems in our lives. Rhea hopes to inspire this in delegates at MACMUN 2021 and is looking forward to meeting delegates (virtually!) at the conference in March!



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Eric is currently in his second year of Health Sciences. As USG Committees, he oversees the hiring and training of all committee chairs. Previously, Eric served as the chair of the Legal Committee of MACMUN 2019-2020. Eric is also the VP of highschools for the McMaster chapter of Pennydrops Canada, and the director of volunteers committee at the Children's International Learning Centre in Hamilton. To Eric, "fostering resilience" means being able to take past experiences and use them to confront an uncertain future, something that has been invaluable to the operation of MACMUN in this new normal. With the conference being held virtually this year, Eric is looking forward to seeing how delegates may use this novel method of debate to their advantage.



Katarina is thrilled to be serving as the USG Crisis this year. She is in her third year of Social Psychology at Mac specializing in Law, Justice, Crime, and Deviance. Last year Kat worked as a crisis analyst for MACMUN 2020, and has been involved in MUN for the past 6 years in numerous different roles. When she is not planning twists and turns for MACMUN crises, you can find Kat trying out new recipes on her friends, crafting, or planning out her next trip. Pushing boundaries is a theme she tries to follow, not only in academics but in all aspects of life. Exploring new opportunities and uncomfortable situations is the best way to learn about the world around you, and perhaps something about yourself as well.



Zia is currently in his 3rd year of the Arts and Science program and is ecstatic for delegates to experience all that MACMUN 2021 has to offer. As the USG Operations, Zia manages the logistical and scheduling aspects of the conference and, specific to this year, works on ensuring that the virtual platform provides an amazing experience for delegates. Zia previously served as a Junior Executive and USG Operations, and looks forward to resuming his role again this year. When not suffering the effects of zoom class induced pins and needles, Zia can be found exploring many of the great trails that Hamilton had to offer. To Zia, fostering resilience is to provide the support and opportunities for individuals to flourish in challenging times, and he believes that MACMUN 2021 will certainly achieve this. Zia looks forward to seeing you all in March!



Ibrahim is currently second year of Integrated Business and Humanities. In his role as USG of Internal Financial Affairs, he is responsible for managing the conference budget and working with the respective Secretariat members in finances related to their portfolio. Previously, Ibrahim served as Junior Executive for MACMUN's 2020 conference and has 2 years of prior Model UN experience as a delegate. You can usually find him fierce in debate on Zoom as a Jeux De Commerce Central (JDCC) debate delegate or casually taking a stroll around the suburbs of Oakville. To Ibrahim, fostering resilience demonstrates that despite the obstacles and the challenges one may face, it is essential to continue persevering. Whether it is solving a large-scale diplomatic crisis or an issue faced by a local community, resilience is a key factor in any successful approach.



Alicia is currently in her third year of Honours Life Sciences. As the VP/USG Marketing, Alicia focuses on creating marketing strategies to promote the club events on all of our social media accounts. This involves helping to produce the promotional video and brainstorming engaging content for the club. This is Alicia’s second year as VP/USG Marketing for MACMUN. When she is not posting on the socials or making videos, Alicia can be found playing with her puppy (and taking lots of pictures!!). She feels that the theme for the 2021 conference, fostering resilience is especially relevant this year and adapting to these new challenges is the best way to grow! Overall, Alicia is looking forward to virtually be a part of this year’s conference.



Miriam is in her fourth and final year of Justice, Political Philosophy and Law with a minor in Political Science. For this year's conference, she will be filling the role of the VP of Media Operations, which includes planning and executing all media related components such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Since the beginning of university, Miriam has been engaged in MACMUN, first as a delegate, then progressing to a crisis analyst, and finally to her current position which she has served in for the past two years. In her spare time, Miriam loves to read, play piano, wood burn and take care of her plant babies. To Miriam, fostering resilience means withstanding hardships against all odds to gain strength and endurance. Especially in today's tumultuous world, fostering resilience means creating connections that spur growth and unify rather than divide the community.



Elias is currently in his fourth year of the Arts and Science program. In his role as USG External Financial Partnerships, Elias works to secure the funding needed to make this conference possible. Previously, Elias has participated at MACMUN 2020 as a delegate in the CCW Joint Crisis Scenario. While in quarantine, Elias can usually be found listening to new music and learning new languages. To Elias, fostering resilience means working to ensure that delegates leave the conference able to take on challenges with a fresh perspective.



Faris is in his third year of Arts and Science. In his role as USG External Financial Partnerships, Faris finds sponsors within the McMaster and Hamilton community to partner with MACMUN to provide programming and deliver a great conference. Faris has been involved with MUN since high school and values meeting new people with different perspectives. In his spare time, Faris enjoys playing geography quizzes on Sporcle and watching too much Netflix. To Faris, fostering resilience means thriving when the world tries to put you down, something he thinks everyone in the world can relate to after whatever 2020 was.



Mariyam is in her second year of Life Sciences. In her role as the Under-Secretary General of Delegate Affairs, she works to build relationships with the post-secondary level MUN community. Mariyam has been involved with MUN since high school, where she was an executive member of her school’s MUN club and attended several conferences. Last year, she was a Junior Executive with MACMUN as well as a Committee Chair. Outside of MACMUN, Mariyam volunteers with children virtually. At home (stay home!), she can be found feverishly writing dates in her calendar, attempting to paint, cultivating her green thumb and getting work done. To Mariyam, Fostering Resilience means to facilitate an environment where people can learn and become passionate about the world around them, in preparation to take on all of its beauty and all of its problems. MACMUN contributes to this effort by nurturing an environment where meaningful discourse can occur and get students thinking about their global community.

Junior Executives

Junior Executives are 1st or 2nd year students that support the Executive team in their endeavours, shadow one or more executive department(s), and assume a staff position during the MACMUN conference, whether that's as a committee chair, crisis analyst, or media team member. While constitutionally not a part of the Secretariat, they play a large role in the planning of the conference and also get an inside look at the process, gleaning valuable experience that can translate to future iterations of the conference or other opportunities in the future.

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Ibreez is a first-year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program who is deeply honoured to be serving as a Junior Executive for MACMUN 2020-2021. In his role, Ibreez promotes and assists in creating multimedia content including external club materials and the formatting of committee backgrounders, and will be serving as a Crisis Analyst during the conference. Prior to MACMUN, Ibreez led his school’s Model United Nations club and participated in several large-scale national conferences as a delegate and chair. Outside of MACMUN, Ibreez can usually be found trying to further his understanding of personal finance and the stock market or crafting ceramic pieces at home. To Ibreez, “Fostering Resilience” means accepting that (1) building self-confidence is difficult at times, but is necessary in order to withstand uncertainties, and (2) each individual has their own unique way of adapting to, and learning from challenges.



Paul is a first-year student in the Kinesiology program. He is a Junior Executive assisting in the organization and promotion of MACMUN 2021 and is thrilled to be a chair for one of MACMUN’s Crisis Committees. Paul was a member of his high school’s Model UN team since grade 9 where he attended numerous conferences both nationally and internationally. In his graduating year, Paul had the privilege of leading his team as a head delegate. Aside from MUN, you can find Paul golfing, skiing or playing basketball with his friends. To Paul, the phrase, “fostering resilience” means promoting an environment that encourages an individual to be adaptable when faced with a challenge. The collaborative environment setup within MACMUN committees promotes the development of this skill for its delegates as they are faced with situations they may not have prepared for and must adapt their ideas in an effort to find common ground with other delegates.



Eric is currently in his first year of Health Sciences. In his role as a Junior Executive, Eric supports the operations of MACMUN through refining conference background guides and assisting the sponsorship and marketing teams. This is Eric's first year involved in MUN and he encourages MUN newcomers like him to try it out! In his free time, Eric enjoys collecting sneakers and volunteering at his local hospital. To Eric, pushing boundaries means to be willing to take risks in order to push solutions to global issues that promote innovation and global discourse through platforms like the UN.