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 King Arthur

The King Arthur Crisis committee takes place in the famous mythical Kingdom of Camelot. Delegates will be transported to a magical realm where they will be required to use their wit, bravery and strength to vanquish evil enemies and protect the powerful kingdom from the threats that lurk just beyond its borders. The Royal Court of Camelot must work alongside knights, magic-folk and foreign nobility in order to reach peaceful solutions and protect the citizens from the dangers that approach.  

This committee features 15 delegates representing famous figures from Arthurian lore who are being brought back to the Round Table one last time to fight some of their most perilous battles to date. 

This committee is a Crisis Committee where delegates take on the role of a character instead of a country and debate in a fast-paced small-size committee room. Delegates use power plays, espionage, diplomacy, storytelling, and imagination to achieve their character's secret motives and perhaps solve some world issues along the way. 

Staff Members

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