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MACMUN 2024 will be happening from February 9 - 11, 2024 at The Sheraton in Downtown Hamilton! Stay tuned for more information.


MACMUN is an annual, interdisciplinary Model United Nations (MUN) conference, run by the club McMaster Model United Nations (MACMUN), that aims to emulate conversations about international relations and global affairs at the United Nations right here at home in Hamilton, Ontario.


We offer students a forum to discuss pressing world issues and explore the different perspectives that dominate current international relations. As the world continues to move towards forming stronger ties between a great diversity of nations, MACMUN presents participants with the opportunity to critically tackle issues of global relevance through a range of representative committees focused on specialized topics. Furthermore, as delegates come from diverse academic backgrounds, all participants benefit from the ability to explore new ideas and perspectives and take part in an experience that their degrees traditionally may not offer. We offer a variety of committees ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced in skill and experience level in order to ensure that MACMUN is a conference suitable for everyone.


Participation for this conference is open to McMaster students as well as students from other schools. This conference takes place over the course of one exhilarating weekend in second semester, and features formal committee sessions that cover a breadth of topics. Led by chairs and crisis analysts that have been researching, training, and preparing for these sessions for the past year, these committees are full of creativity, learning, and intense debate. With full photography, videography, and social media coverage; special conference events including a social night; renowned guest speakers; and the chance to bring home prestigious awards, this impactful weekend commitment has been noted by many of our previous 1000+ delegates to be a highlight in their time in university.

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