Media Team

MACMUN strives to implement realistic simulations of social media and various news outlets during the conference. In addition to debating as a delegate in your committee, you will also be representing your country or state actor via Twitter. MACMUN hires an extensive Media Team that works tirelessly through the conference to deliver a fun and engaging experience for all delegates. 

Our Social Media Managers run the Instagram and Twitter accounts that will be used throughout the conference to provide updates and engage with delegates. If you’re active on Twitter during the conference, you'll be sure to come across the Social Media Managers frequently. They retweet entertaining commentary from delegates, give updates on conference and committee proceedings, and top it off with their own spin and sense of humour. Keep an eye out, because the Social Media Managers will be choosing the most captivating social media presence to win the conference's Twitter Award! 

Our News Anchors appear on our Instagram accounts to provide news broadcasts and daily recaps from our MACMUN News Network, adding another layer of realism to the conference. They also conduct live interviews, giving delegates the chance to share their views and personality as their country to the entire conference. If you're a rockstar in your committee, you could get the chance to take things to the next level with an interview.

Our conference's focus on social media is meant to broaden the space for delegates to interact and engage with both the conference and each other. The goal is to break down barriers between committees, schools, cliques, or friend groups and encourage delegates to interact with as many people as possible. Beyond that, social media allows anyone to get a peek at what's happening in any committee. At MACMUN, delegates are not restricted to only learning about their own committee's topics. As the conference returns to an in-person format, we hope to give students the connection they've been missing the last two years in a storytelling and roleplaying experience unlike any other Model UN conference. 

Meet the Team

Khadeeja Farooq 

Nayla Mithani 


Hi my name is Khadeeja, I am in my fourth year of political science specializing in Global Citizenship. As social media manager, I look forward to building a network where we can inspire others to get involved with MACMUN. For the upcoming conference, I am excited to be back in person and getting to share that experience with others.   

Hi my name is Nayla, I'm in my third year of English and Cultural Studies & Sociology. As a social media manager I'm looking forward to being able to connect with people through social and creating online communities that connect on similar interests and causes. I'm excited for the conference this year to connect with and learn from other like-minded people. 

Anam Biabani  

Hi my name is Anam, I am in my second year of Health Sciences! As a News Anchor I'm excited to be fulfilling my childhood dream of being a news person. I'm looking forward to the upcoming conference as a chance to meet new people within the MacU community and beyond.