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Media @ MACMUN

Integral to the MACMUN experience is the media component. The Press Corps (formerly known as the Media Team) aims to captivate the audience with humorous and creative live-stream press conferences, delegate interviews, social media engagement, impromptu debates, action-packed photography and videography, and blog posts that simulate news outlets and media realistically.


The Media Engagement Coordinators interact with the audience through various social media platforms, infusing updates with their unique spin and sense of humour. They initiate meme contests, spark Instagram story debates, and even incite Twitter feuds during the conference, ensuring that every moment is both informative and entertaining.


The Journalists serve as the faces of our Press team, adding depth and authenticity to the conference. They conduct live interviews with delegates, providing a platform for them to share their perspectives. Additionally, they craft innovative blog posts, host press conferences, and deliver news broadcasts throughout the event, all in an effort to keep our audience engaged and informed.


Behind the scenes, the Creative Directors are the unsung heroes who capture every electrifying moment of the conference and in-house events. They also lead the MACMUN Photojournalism Series, create engaging TikToks/Reels for social media, and employ their creativity to capture the event.


Overall, Press Corps @ MACMUN embodies a diverse array of talent, creativity, and ingenuity.


Coming soon.


Meet the Team

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