Media Team

MACMUN strives to implement realistic simulations of social media and various news outlets in reaction to all committee ongoings. In addition to debating as a delegate in your committee, delegates will also be representing their country, group, state, or character on Twitter, roleplaying through tweets, gifs, memes, interactions with other accounts, and so much more. Our Social Media Managers also engage with delegates over Twitter, with exclusive news updates and official in-world reports in coordination with the committee-specific staff teams. They also reward the most captivating social media presence of the conference with the Twitter Award.


Our conference also hires a videography, interview, and news anchor team to produce crisis story introductions, news broadcasts, daily recaps, and interviews with delegates, which are posted on our Youtube account. We also hire a professional photography team to capture all the memorable conference moments both in and out of committee!


Coordinated by our USG Media Operations, media is meant to spark conversation and collaboration across committees, so that delegates are not restricted to learning about and considering their own topics, but interact with the conference as a whole, in a storytelling and roleplaying experience unlike any other Model UN conference. 

Past work: