Here you can find a variety of resources to help you participate in Model UN. These guides have been put together by the Secretariat using examples that have been used at Model UN conferences abroad. Click on the buttons below to view and download the guides and if you have any further questions or comments, please let us know!

Complete Rules and Procedure Guide - Upd

Rules and Procedure Guide

This guide, updated for MACMUN 2021, will provide you with rules of procedure, MUN terminology, and other key knowledge for our annual conference. If all else, read this!

macmun 2020 delegate handbook cover.png

MACMUN 2021 Delegate Handbook


This handbook includes important practical information for MACMUN 2021 participants.


Laptop Writing

How to Write a Position Paper Powerpoint

As part of our MACMUN 2020 workshop series, this quick slideshow provides the very basics on how to write a position paper for conferences.

Just note that some of these guidelines only apply for MACMUN!

crisis cover.png

Crisis Manual for MACMUN 2021

Especially made for the crisis committees (ADHOC, Golden Age of Piracy, & Iranian Revolution) for MACMUN 2021, this is a guide on how to tackle this type of committee as well as crises in general.


Brief Rules & Procedure Overview Powerpoint

Shown at our General Assembly for the 2018-2019 school year, these brief collections of slides give a succinct overview on how MUN's flow of debate functions.


Business Discussion

Research and Resolutions Powerpoint

As part of our 'MACMUN 2019 Course' workshop series, this quick slideshow provides information on conducting research before a conference and making resolutions during a conference, two essential skills that you'll need to succeed!