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About Our Club


McMaster Model United Nations is an undergraduate, academic, ratified McMaster Student Union Club. We house a big community of students that mainly plan or engage with:

  • Internal MUN "in-houses"/mock debates

  • Internal workshops on MUN

  • Speakers and other special events that are in tune with values and topics related to MUN

  • Our annual MACMUN Conference, for McMaster students and students from other universities

  • Sending teams or "delegations" of McMaster students to external conferences hosted by other universities or organizations in order to represent our school and club

Our mission is to create critical yet open-minded global citizens. We achieve this by engaging students on important issues and providing them with the tools necessary to question the decisions of yesterday and strive to improve the outcomes of tomorrow. Along the way, we also like to have fun as a group, and we're proud of the long-lasting friendships and communities we've built over the years through MUN!

Our club's organizational structure consists of a volunteer executive team whose members also hold dual roles in our annual conference's Secretariat. The executive is chosen and led by a president or co-president team, who themselves are elected by club members at the end of the school year in preparation for the following one. Every year, the executive also hires 'junior executives' who are in first or second year to assist and shadow the executive in both conference and club planning, in an invaluable mentorship opportunity that passes the torch on to newer members of the club.


For our annual conference, the executive also hires committee chairs, crisis analysts, and media team members in year-long, volunteer staff roles; these conference staff members, are also contracted to get involved with internal club activities. They are the friendly faces you'll see chairing in-house sessions or throwing a wrench in these sessions with crises!

Finally, the bulk and beating heart of our club consists of general members who participate in our club's internal and external events. To become a general member, simply sign up for our mailing list, and stay tuned to learn more about the breadth of different ways you can get involved with in the MUN Club throughout the school year, depending on your comfort, availability, and interest! 

You can learn more about our club, our rules, and the responsibilities of our leadership in our two Constitutions:

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