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MACMUN 2019 Archive


MACMUN's fourth annual conference was held at the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel from February 7-10. It featured 8 committees and the return of a Club Night at Club Absinthe. The most notable event of the conference, however, came with the gala dinner, "Art for Change," which was held at Michelangelo's Banquet Centre on the second night of the conference. This ritzy event welcomed local changemakers and accomplished speakers, including poet and author Nadine Williams, artist Nicole Crimi, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ric Esther Bienstock. In enjoying these artists' spectacular work and hearing them speak on how it connected to their personal advocacy, delegates were introduced to a unique and often overlooked form of global diplomacy and activism: art.


Overall, this conference emphasized the theme of "innovative discourse: igniting change through diplomacy." The importance of considering issues that are neglected in the international system, as well as challenging ourselves to consider well-known issues from silenced perspectives, was highlighted throughout every committee. Delegates were challenged to use facts, debate, and compromise to come up with creative and non-violent solutions to timely world issues.

Featured Committees


Social, Humanitarian, Cultural Committee


1. The Rights of Refugees & Migrants

2. The Rise of Political Extremism

who icon.png

World Health Organization


1. Illegal Human Organ Trafficking

2. Healthcare in Refugee Camps and Settlements

sc icon.png

Security Council


1. Instability in Africa

2. Exiled Uyghur Muslims in China

icj icon.png

International Court of Justice


1. Certain Iranian Assets

(Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)

2. Application of the International Convention of the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (Qatar v. United Arab Emirates)

econfin icon.png

Economic and Financial Committee


1. Tax Havens

2. Modern Slavery in a Globalized Economy

unpfii icon.png

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues


1. Indigenous Rights to Land and Self-Determination

2. The Status of Indigenous Education

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League of Nations

Historical Committee:

Special Session of the Assembly Convened to Discuss the Anschluss

ad hoc icon.png

Ad Hoc

This committee was geared towards experienced delegates seeking an innovative environment where they can be creative, take risks, and think on their feet as they face the mystery topic together. Ultimately, the topic of the committee was revealed to be INTERPOL, and delegates stepped into characters from both member states of INTERPOL and the very crime organizations INTERPOL opposes.

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